From the title, it is about losing someone close and learning how to cope. This song has brought me to tears because of how deep it is. I had already lost my dad a few months ago, and somehow whenever I listen to Tim McGraw, everything seems are peace. It’s like my dad is talking to me threw him in song. You might think I am crazy or something, but I feel some kind of relieve whenever I listen to Tim. it could be he is a father or the way he just writes songs. I do not know but the one thing that I believe I do not want to stop listening because whenever I hear his voice, I like to picture my dad talking to me one last time. And just maybe my dad is telling me everything is okay and this to shall pass, and we will meet again. But first, you must move on in this world. He​ would say that you are strong and don’t stop believing in yourself.


The Life of Mary Elizabeth


I have decided to give blogging a try. So, be patient because I am still trying to figure this out. I hope to dedicate this site to lifestyle, travel, shopping, nails, MUSIC, and my randomness. If you find these topics interesting?! Please, stay tuned!!!!


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