I won’t delete your number

Uncontrollably ME

I was scrolling through my phone, and I saw your name.  The moment of memory, and happy, and sad that kicks you in the gut all at once.  But, I won’t delete your number.  That would mean I am erasing you, your memory, the last piece I carry with me every day for what feels like forever since you left.  I am sure the number belongs to someone who will never know your name, or they probably do and are tired of people calling and asking for you.  Your number, your voicemails, your smile in my mind are all that are left.  I wouldn’t trade them for the world, even though you are long gone, I get to hold you for just a little bit when I see the name and number, or replay the messages. The other day I went on to snapchat, and was adding a friend, under ‘people you may want to…  

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