Titanic Conspiracy Theory

First off!! I DO NOT believe in conspiracy’s, but they are fascinating to read and talk. The one plot that I was reading and watching online was about the Titanic. There are more theories about how the Titanic sank; However, I think they are a little far fetch, and I will

Photo Credit: http://www.titanic-facts.com

only talk about one. The theory that I somewhat believe is that the Titanic wasn’t the Titanic and it was the Olympic that sink. The theory goes is that the Olympic had some problems and didn’t have an insurance policy, but the Titanic did. So, at the last-minute, the owners decided to which the two boats and back out of going on the trip.

Apparently, the Californian was a few miles away when the titanic was sinking and did not have any passengers on the boat. The only thing, that was on the boat was blankets. It was supposed to have come to the rescue everyone, but when they did called no one came because they didn’t hear the call. So, naturally… It went undetected/unanswered, therefore, people died. It was all for a stupid insurance scam.

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