Starbucks Is Getting Sued Over The Unicorn Frappuccino

BBAOx2N - copy

Williamsburg cafe’ is suing Starbucks for copyright infringement. Click here, to read about it.

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I love taking photos for the love and not for money. These are my photos that I took. I hope you like them!! If interested in seeing more, comment down below.

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Starbucks new drink!

FullSizeRender - Copy (2)I can’t wait to try it out these two new Starbucks drinks! The first drink is called Midnight Mint Mocha Frappuccino and it is a Blended Beverage swirls extra dark cocoa with coffee, milk and cooling mint sugar crystals.

The second drink is S’mores Frappuccino and it is a Blended Beverage with marshmallow-infused whipped cream, a ribbon of milk chocolate and a creamy blend of milk chocolate, coffee and milk finished off with graham FullSizeRender - Copycracker crumbles.

Has anyone tried the new Starbucks drinks, yet?!

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Sephora VIB/VIB Rouge Spring Sale Dates 2017!

Sephora is having a sale!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

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Dolled Up By J

Hi beauties,

If you’re as beauty obsesssed as I am, you know that the best time to stock up on products from Sephora is when they offer a discount! Every year, the annual sale kicks off in April with a 15% discount on all merchandise. While 15% off is kind of lame, it really adds up when you need a new $37 Nars concealer or when your skincare runs out and it’s $80 a jar.

This year, the sale dates are as follows:

VIB Rouge Members– April 18th-24th

Online code: ROUGESPRING

VIB Members: April 19th-24th

Online code: VIBSPRING

Beauty Insiders can also take advantage of the sale, but the discount is only 10%.

Beauty Insiders: April 20th-23rd

Online code: BISPRING

I like how they made the sale all in the same weekend for everyone but staggered the dates according to member level. The last VIB Rouge sale split the…

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This Fashion Faux Pas is Making a Huge Comeback | NotJessFashion

In some cases, fashion comes back. Well, guess what?? The 90s fashion is making a comeback. Is anyone ready for this change?? Click here to read more! 

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The Misunderstood Mind

So Scorpio

Quick! Think of the first 3 words that come to your mind when you think of Scorpio.

Passionate, strong-willed, and determinedORobsessive, uncompromising, and stubborn?

Technically, passionate and obsessive, strong-willed and uncompromising, and determined and stubborn can be considered as synonyms for one and other, but when being used to describe someone, these words have different connotations. Someone who is a Scorpio would probably be more likely to use the first set of words to describe him or herself and other Scorpios. On the other hand, someone of a different sign would likely choose the second set.

Scorpios are almost always considered to be the most misunderstood sign of the entire zodiac. This is partly the fault of the Scorpio because he or she likes being mysterious and does not usually give out to much information regarding who he or she is on the…

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3 Ways To Make The World A Better Place And Travel — Confessions of a Scorpio

These 3 ways are to make the world a better. Click here 

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